Sunday, June 3, 2012


Jonah sat with us in a downtown cafĂ© sipping a cup of blueberry Johann (Yeah, you have seen the advertisement, tall-blond-expensive. A lot like Mr. Stalham, I might say).

MRBG: What’s your biggest fear?

JONAH: Give my heart again, to someone who might not deserve it.

MRBG: Tough situation. Do you think this keeps you from expressing your feelings to others?

JONAH: Nope. Just safely cautious.

MRBG: Do you have family, any siblings?

JONAH: My father died in Iraq when I was 20. He was a tough guy and very strict. Emotionally distant, but took good care of his family. My mother lives in Florida and she doesn’t talk to me because I told her I’d never get married due to my sexual orientation. (Jonah has a faraway look in his eyes.) I only have one sister; she lives in Canada with her husband and pups. I get a postcard every Christmas from her to let me know she’s alive. That’s about it.

MRBG: Would you tie the knot if you find the right person?

JONAH: (Arching an eyebrow.) What part of never you didn't get? Besides that’s just a motherfreaking paper; it ain’t prove nothing.

MRBG: So, you don’t see children in your future?

JONAH: Only the ones in the hospital I’m gonna leave all my money to, when I die.

MRBG: Three words to describe you.

JONAH: Stubborn. Goal-oriented. Talented. The middle one counts for two? (He chuckles.)

MRBG: No. It’s interesting; you call yourself talented.

JONAH: I play five instruments like a second nature and can compose good music as well. And you ought to see my drawings! It might look like I love to toot my own horn, but the best way to know your flaws is to accept your virtues.

MRBG: What are your thoughts on Bill Dillard?

JONAH: Bill is hot as Hell. I’m truly happy our paths crossed. There’s a vulnerability about him that makes me want to protect him. And if I can protect him body-to-body it would be a Hell of a motherfreaking blast. (He runs his hand throughout his face)  I really said that aloud?

MRBG: Yes. You did.

JONAH: Well, I guess that cat is out of the bag then, ain’t it?

MRBG: (I nod and let the cat run amok on its own, disturbing every other wide-eyed customer around us.) You told us your biggest fear. What’s your stronghold?

JONAH: I’d never use another person to succeed, not physically, not emotionally. I’d never betray a friend either; heck, I wouldn’t even betray an enemy.

MRBG: Very good, Jonah; thanks for your time and for letting us know a little more about you.

JONAH: My pleasure, Gabe. All this talking made me hungry. You up for pizza?

MRBG: Sure.