Monday, October 24, 2016


2017 is going to be the year of the Triads (threesomes), and we'll have something for every taste. I'm organizing three (or four) stories for next year and all are about triads. One STEAMFUN ('cause I am not into the punk aspect of steampunk), one historical, another sci-fi, and  the fourth, if there is time, will probably be paranormal. 

Cautious people avoid love triangles, but that's the thing... a triad is not a love triangle. A "triangle" implies somebody is cheating, not the case with triads. Triads are threeway relationships based on the mutual attraction of all the parties involved. How it starts and evolves, it's a matter of skill and creativity, but the most important thing to avoid is the idea of betrayal within the group, even if the story starts with two people and then a third is added to the mix.
Triads are not stories where you bring another to spice things up— your heart needs to be split in two, with equal measures of love and need for those two others. There's nothing wrong with spicing things up once (or several times)in a while, but even if true commitment might begin as a one night stand (as many stories might commence), the journey should not end with that night; it needs to continue until three hearts beat as one, and the waves of lust turn into clouds of love.

One of the projects is a sci-fi story entitled SEDULOUS, an extension of the Colviri universe.
It follows red-headed Admiral Ben Muselet, brother of Darien from "How I Lost it on Planet X," and Darien's Shadows: Sun Ki Lak and Tyke Ki Nesul. (Shadows is the term the Colviri use to describe bodyguards, especially when they do it unbeknown to the person guarded)
Here you're going to see many situations from "Another Dawn on Planet X" (the match-up resolution of "Darkest before Dawn (The Masqued Man Serenade)" and "How I Lost it on Planet X") from a different perspective since the three characters from this new book don't have POVs in the previous ones.
This is (in a way) an homage to Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles where we see things that happened in other books from different POVs in later ones. Nevertheless, SEDULOUS goes beyond the previous books of the Colviri universe, way beyond.*wink*

Another project is CLOCKWORK VENDETTA. This would be the Steamfun one. I might do dark, but I don't do anguish, and part of the steampunk agenda is that conflict with the "new" technology and it's ramifications for humanity; also the dirty almost sad version of reality that, in all honesty, has nothing to do with the worlds I usually create for my guys. Things could be difficult or complicate for my boys, but angst is not my thing.
These three are mafia heirs in an America still govern by England. Well, all steampunk is essentially "alternate universe," so why not make it even more complicated, right?
Duncan Braco is the blond; Bosco Rogers is the short-haired lad; and Heer Pyfus is tall, dark, and yummy there.

Soon you'll get more info on both stories and the other projects for 2017.