Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It amazes me how after countless smart people had been trying to decipher the “Book of Books” no one has come to this conclusion: that we’re reading the instructions wrong. We’re simply trying to put together a fucking IKEA bookcase just looking at the pictures without reading the actual words (or in this case, looking at the words without reading and getting the actual meaning).

When the Book says: You shall not lie with man like you do with woman. It is not telling you not to fuck guys, it is telling you not to fuck guys in the same way you would fuck a woman. Don’t get it? Let me elaborate on that one.

When the Big Book was written, women were, let’s put it politely, second class citizens: just for pleasure, procreation, and free labor. I mean you could even fuck your female slaves and have children with them if your wife (or wives) couldn’t have children. How little this people cared about (or understood) women that if a man died without a heir, his widow should have sex with his brother to secure the continuation of the man's bloodline, regardless of what the woman thought about this union with her brother-in-law. That would be utterly wrong today (at least in many parts of the world, thank you), but not in that time; that was the right thing to do because a man must have heirs and who cared what the fuck the woman thought about it (I challenge any so-called scholar to tell me otherwise). 

Now, if you read the instructions based on the period when they were written you can totally see what I’m talking about: If you do a guy treat him like your equal because he is not a woman (a.k.a. property).

We are reading the instructions from our time-perspective, and we’re still reading it wrong. Even in our time it is not telling us not to fuck guys, it is telling us that men are men and women are women; we cannot go to the situation thinking that they are the same (this happens a lot in jails, right?).

There’s a reason why humans have two genders— two sides of the same human coin. We are as different as day and night and precisely because of that the situation works. Nevertheless, when we encounter same sex couples, even if the body parts are equal (which is what created all this idiotic debate) we have to understand that humans are not only physical beings. Couples create balance even if they have the same gender: one becomes night the other becomes day. Fucking yin and yang, people— get on with the program.

The Big Book's instruction is clearer than vodka: understand who you are with, not because of his/her gender but because of what’s inside— because even if you have fun with the outside goodies, inner strength, inner beauty, and wisdom are what last for eternity.