Friday, February 14, 2014


Around this time of the year, everything is red, red, red, and I wonder, why instead of passion red we don’t try to make happiness blue. Because sometimes, we’re looking for the right thing in the wrong places, and others, we’re a looking for the wrong thing in the right place. We want everything to be about sexual attraction and desire and hardened body parts. But it happens that many times what we want it’s not necessarily what we need, even if that famous song says “All you need is love.” 

I’m a firm believer that what we need is HAPPINESS, which is a completely different place, a very distinctly mythical animal.

We have been raised to believe that LOVE equates HAPPINESS. And you believe it until you watch Fatal Attraction, The Crush, Disclosure, and many other movies that teach you that not all LOVE is HEALTHY. On the other hand, there’s no such a thing as Poisonous HAPPINESS. 

If you’re happy you want —no, you need everybody around you to be happy too. When you love and you’re not loved back, you get depressed. If you’re happy and those around you don’t want to be happy, well, you sprinkle some rainbows and fairy dust on them, and if that doesn’t work you don’t cut your wrists, you look for a happy solution.

I’m not saying that LOVE is bad. That —more than silly— would be plain stupid. What I’m saying here is that LOVE shouldn’t be the end goal. Your ultimate goal must always be HAPPINESS, and if it comes with a yummy side of sexy love, even better.

So spread the happy and top it up with (good) love.