Tuesday, July 18, 2017


With skilled hands and brightened heart
He released the night
To bear war to conquer lands

Strong muscles his farewell gift
He released the night
To raze towers to undo ships

With a “you come back, warrior” whispered
He released the night
To break apart to annihilate

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Thursday, July 13, 2017


It all happened late at night
When sleep wouldn’t come
But darkness seemed a good escape

It all happened late at night
When your touch was far
But your presence loomed aflame

It all happened late at night
When I was but a memory

A song never sung— forgotten

By Gabbo de la Parra

#poetry #love #darkness #poem #night #desire #agony 

Monday, June 26, 2017


The gray cat started to follow Randolph as he exited the narrow alley after killing the last of his enemies. At first, he thought the cat was following him due to the few drops of blood on his shoe.

Silent and steady, the feline presence didn’t feel completely off, just different, unexpected. Randolph had never been a pet person, but he wasn’t opposed to them; the opportunity had simply never aroused.

Now, the small shadow following him seemed like a good omen— even if almost concealed within his own shadow as he moved through deserted streets toward the shabby place he had rented as his base of operations.

By the time Randolph reached his current accommodations, someone must have decided to take a piss in the crime scene he’d created (after drinking the day’s labor in one of the taverns nearby) and sounded the alarm. Perhaps, Peeing Peter would not be the first in the scene and the previous visitor would have taken the dead man’s wallet, leaving the coppers with the impression that it had been a mugging gone wrong.

It didn’t matter; Randolph’s ties to the man were so remote they were almost inexistent, not just to the naked eye but also to logic. First, no one knew him in this city where the smell of the ocean and fish factories never ceased their assault on your nose. Second, he had rented the place under a false name and wore a truly Viking fake beard.

Perhaps the cat had sensed the darkness inside him; perhaps they were kindred spirits. Randolph climbed the four steps to the front door and about-faced. The cat sat there on the sidewalk staring at him. A single streetlight didn’t give much illumination, so the animal’s pupils were black pools zeroing in on him.

Randolph put the key in the lock and opened the door; he had done it just extending his arms and finding the lock unconsciously— out of habit. The smelly city had been his station for almost a year, studying his victim until it was the right time to take him out. He kept a hand on the door as he put a foot on the threshold, his eyes locked with the cat’s. “So? Are you coming or not?” he asked the silent figure.

The gray cat sauntered to the steps, taking each at his own special pace, and entered into the townhouse’s dark foyer. Once inside, turned around with his tail high and meowed.

“I know. Me too,” answered Randolph as he closed the door behind him.

Friday, June 16, 2017


The problem with mixing things that were not conceived together is all the confusions they could originate.

The colors on the RAINBOW FLAG associated with the LGBT+ community were conceived as reflections of the joy of being human, in essence including all human beings regardless of skin color, religious beliefs, or political affiliations.

Why do we need to bring skin colors into this situation? Our community is already hated across the board by those who consider us abominations, looneys, and every other epithet you can think of. Do we really need to bring this illogical division right now, when the world is going to hell in a handbasket and the only people that seemed cohesively united were us?

First of all, when you add something that already has a meaning as it stands, your addition should enhance it, not bring discord. The moment you see it complicating things, you should stop. But that is not what’s happening here. Those who came with the idea of adding stripes representing two skin colors (immediately dismissing the other skin colors they are not including) rather argue and fight and be offended than backtrack and say “You know what? Perhaps this is not the time for this.”

Why bother? I have an idea and it’s mine and I’m gonna force it on you because I can. That’s exactly why we have the head of state we have now because no one took a step back and had the courage to say, “Oops this is not going to work.”

Let’s talk about the meanings of colors for a minute. Each culture has a different meaning for all the colors. In many places, brides were white implying purity. In many others, brides were red for good luck. So if you were raised where brides wear white, and all of the sudden you see a bride wearing red, you will question the meaning of that until you learn what it signifies for that bride and her culture. That’s just an example, and I could give you a thousand more. Very few things are truly standard globally, and the meaning of colors is surely not one of them.

Now, the RAINBOW FLAG embraces humanity and its emotions, not skin colors. If you add two colors, those colors will not mean skin tones at first glance because that’s not how the flag was conceived. Those proposing the new stripes will simply be adding the emotions associated with those colors. If you see the color black, your first thought is not going to be a skin color (no flag in the world uses black to represent skin color). And the emotions that black brings as a color are not necessarily the most positives, so that could be a handicap from the get-go. Same thing happens with brown, and I’m going to let you do your own associations.

I will not even try to express the disappointment I feel, seeing our community fighting over something that shouldn’t have even started. LGBT+ people of all skin tones suffer. Starting a fight over who suffers more is incongruent with what we’re fighting for as a group. We, as a community, have more mixed couples and families than any other like-minded group, and yet we’re disrupting the united front we should be forming because of skin tones.

Some proponents say, “But it doesn’t take anything from the flag.” That is not a reason to make additions to what is already established. As humans we are selfish, but many times we learn to share. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

This moment smells like a case of IF YOU ARE NOT WITH ME, YOU ARE AGAINST ME.

And that is very CHEETO smell.

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Friday, June 9, 2017


The Seer of Paoha Island is such a great character, and I had so much fun writing about *insert nonspecific gender pronoun here*— a separate story might happen. Well, technically it will happen since I was smacked with a title and everything: TO DIVINE LOVE.

Now, the thing with the Seer of Paoha Island is that *insert nonspecific gender pronoun here* assumes whatever form: it could be any gender, any age, any race. Nevertheless, in CLOCKWORK VENDETTA *insert nonspecific gender pronoun here* came out with the form in the picture. A young hunky ginger, and that form is ready to fall in love. Probably a short story to kill time between books, who knows!

TO DIVINE LOVE has been registered in #TheBookOfTitles, so it is a latent promise.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017


How many rings are used in a three-way handfasting ceremony?

a) four
b) three
c) nine
d) six

I’m not saying we’re going to have one of those (I’m not saying we’re not either), but it is always good to know in case someone asks.

If you have read my books, you should know.

You’ll need to wait until one of those ceremonies happens (it might not) to find out if you haven’t.


Saturday, May 20, 2017


La idea de traducir al castellano WAND-LOSING & OTHER THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING me ha estado rondando desde hace rato. El problema (como podrán observar desde el principio) es el pedazo de título que tiene la historia.

Yo soy el primero en soltar barbaridades cuando veo traducciones de títulos poco inspiradas como LOS JUEGOS DEL HAMBRE o LAS CINCUENTA SOMBRAS DE GREY, pues los títulos de estos libros literalmente significan mucho más de lo que la simplista traducción al castellano implica.

Así que ya ven que para mí no es fácil, soltar una traducción titular como PERDIENDO VARITAS Y OTRAS COSAS QUE TU NO DEBES HACER porque legalmente suena un poco pendeja, aparte de que es aún más larga que la propia en inglés (bueno solo una palabra extra, pero ya era una verborrea para empezar).

Por lo tanto, he barajeado un par de ideas, y me gustaría que ustedes den su opinión, no sólo sobre las opciones que presento, sino las que se les ocurran, porque yo siempre ando abierto a las posibilidades.

Visiten mi cuenta de Instagram para que vean las opciones. 

Ahora, volviendo al caso de la traducción… cuando yo escribo en inglés trato de usar un inglés universal más allá de regionalismos (a menos que el personaje sea de un lugar específico, como por ejemplo el sur de los Estados Unidos de América), pero la cosa se complica cuando pensamos en castellano.

Solo el “fuck me” lo decimos de un montón de maneras diferentes. ¿Entonces de qué versión del castellano me agarro? Si pongo “follame” me tocar tirarme todo desde la península. Si pongo “cógeme” (que para mí sería la opción menos regionalista) habrá quien se confunda pensado que significa otra cosa… Se me ocurre que podría usar un eufemismo como “párteme” o “rómpeme” pero eso no siempre es factible con algunos protagonistas porque sencillamente suena ridículo o contrario a la esencia de la persona. 

Ya veremos.

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