Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Greetings from Aurora

With only few days until Jordan's Bday (remember November 25th), I just wanted to share this little postcard with y'all.  Each of the five Circular Parks has two fountains where the dots in the Chinese symbol Tai Chi (better known as Yin/Yang) are placed.

Since Aurora is a melting pot of races and was created to be a  beacon of enlightenment these parks, which look like the famous black and white symbol in aerial  view, have a mythological creature as centerpiece of each fountain (except for one in Circular Park One, but you need to read the book to learn about that).

This postcard was created after a Middle School contest and depicts the famous winged horse and seven of the ten buildings of the Fanning Complex a.k.a. Tarot Towers. I guess the kid could have squeezed another three buildings there ---but hey, Lucky Seven, voodoo priests and tarot readers sounds like a mighty combination to me.

Best wishes from Novel California.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


After all the Halloween craze, I'm happy to announce IMMATERIAL is out (after more than a year in the works) and it's available at Amazon, free for their Prime members.  So, go ahead and have fun with it. 

Also, to celebrate River Jordan's birthday, IMMATERIAL  would be available free of charge for anyone who wish to have it on November 25th, 2012.

Here is the blurb.

Afterlife enforcer River Jordan is a cursed man. True love is the only way to end his curse. Your usual fairy tale stuff.   Right?   Here comes the catch-22: that man, Jordan’s true love, must die to lift the curse.

That’s one sure way to screw his HEA.

A one-night-stand, interrupted by the enforcer’s duties, becomes a challenge for carefree Emmanuel Lux, and he is determined to learn more about the mysterious, brooding hunk.

Life will twirl in unexpected ways as a dangerous, common enemy abducts Emmanuel, opening a forbidden door not only to their forgotten past but also to a turbulent future, neither of them is ready to face.

A man without love is IMMATERIAL. 

Visit Amazon. The link is for USA but it's available in England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India and Japan too.

P.S. All the drawings were done by yours truly, including the book cover. ^_^

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The man with purple highlights and gray eyes waited for me at Dragon’s Lair, the same place where his love story with River Jordan began.

MRBG: IMMATERIAL would be available this October; tell us a little about your character.

EMLX: I can’t tell you much. The point is for people to read the book, don’t you think? I can only say, I will discover things about me, not even my parents could’ve guessed.

MRBG: Jordan did his own stunts. What about you?

EMLX: Hmm, you see; I didn’t have many action scenes. Although, my favorite one is when Red Patch had me at 6,000 feet above the city.

MRBG: That must have scared the beejeezuz out of you.

EMLX: To be honest with you, the whirring of the chopper filming the scene was a lot more disturbing.

MRBG: Ok. I’m going to say the name of a character, and you would say the first idea that comes to your mind. Ready?

EMLX: Sure.

MRBG: Mina Sanela.

EMLX: Kick-ass goddess.

MRBG: Mark86

EMLX: Southern Hottie.

MRBG: Jacinto03.

EMLX: Outrageous Jumping Bean.

MRBG: Red Patch.

EMLX: Prime Bedlam Material

MRBG: Balder Lux.

EMLX: Pass.

MRBG: Seriously?

EMLX: Yes, he draws a blank from my mind. (Emmanuel shrugs with a twisted mouth.)

MRBG: Ok. Lucian Lux, then.

EMLX: Incongruous Dad.

MRBG: Jean48.

EMLX: Crazylicious BFF

MRBG: Ha ha ha ha, crazylicious?

EMLX: Well, you know how fancy Jean48 is, so… (He almost rolls his eyes.)

MRBG: Jordan is an unrepentant cock lover. How would you describe yourself?

EMLX: To equate Jordan’s description, I am a hardened assman.

MRBG: You always wear white; tell us about that.

EMLX: It’s not a fashion statement; trust me.

MRBG: What’s your favorite part of Jordan’s body?

EMLX: Since I’m an assman, you’d think is that hot rump of his, but, actually, I have two major favorites: his amazing green eyes and those acres of hairy chest.

MRBG: Are you into watersports?

EMLX: Like kayaking?

MRBG: No. Bodily functions.

EMLX: Oh, sacred ashes of Madonna (his face goes red). I think everyone has the right to play with whatever they see fit, so… I have no comment on that.

MRBG: What’s your favorite position?

EMLX: Missionary.

MRBG: Isn’t that kind of vanilla?

EMLX: Just because I have a wall-to-wall mirror in my bedroom, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking into my man’s emerald lakes when we make love.

MRBG: Can’t argue with that. What’s your position on orgies?

EMLX: That would be Ringmaster, thank you very much. (Emmanuel snickers, drumming with his fingers on the bar.) Actually, two years prior to meet Jordan I had a pretty tamed sex life, and I used the word tamed because before that, I was a party animal. I guess I got tired of the scene. You see, all STD’s were completely eradicated in 2072 (two years after Emmanuel was born), and therefore by the time I was sixteen, wild was the common sexual denominator.

MRBG: I see you don’t have any tattoos, neither does Jordan. People of your time do not decorate their bodies?

EMLX: I never had a conversation with Jordan regarding that. In my case, nothing has compelling me to have one. Perhaps, now would be a good time to get one.

MRBG: And what would it be?

EMLX: Most likely, some cartoon character flipping the bird.

MRBG: I’m not even going to ask why.

EMLX: You’d better not.

MRBG: You guys did some very interesting sexual maneuvers in the book. Where did you find the H circuit?

EMLX: I do a lot of research for my own books (Emmanuel is a writer and editor-in-chief of the biggest newspaper of Novel California), and that surfaced while I did a story about ancient deformities.

MRBG: What do you think the readers would make of that particular encounter?

EMLX: It’s not an easy feat, but if you can accomplish it, the experience is out-of-this-world.

MRBG: Like Mars far?

EMLX: I think more in the vicinity of Alpha Centaury.

MRBG: What was your first impression of Jordan?

EMLX: Jordan is big like a boulder, and I seriously wanted to be  crushed by that stupid amount of manliness. You know, like when you’re seeing the wall but the graffiti on it is so disturbingly beautiful you don’t care if you crash into it.

MRBG: That’s a very odd metaphor.

EMLX: Just something you find irresistible, and you know it’s going to hurt, but you still go there and do it anyway.

MRBG: What’s the main difference between the society in general during the period of the book and nowadays?

EMLX: After the 2040’s people started to accept other’s right to be whatever they wanted, however they wanted it. That the less they were involved in other’s affairs, the more they could delve into their own and have a richer life. In addition, the moral compass began being determined by the individual and not by religious or political groups.

MRBG: So technically, it’s a better place.

EMLX: We are humans, and by nature, full of crap. You can call it better from the perspective that in my time, people take full responsibility for their caca and don’t try to blame others for their screw-ups.

MRBG: We never learned the name of the boy-waiter. Why is that?

EMLX: He has a very active sex life and doesn’t want his name out there. In the underworld, he goes by the alias of Cheeky Sweetbuns.

MRBG: That says a lot about him.

EMLX: It does.

MRBG: Time for drinks then?

EMLX: I’d like an icy Moongoddess Dark, please.

MRBG: Right away.

Monday, September 10, 2012


DD Keane is the pen name of a marvelous grrrl, and in her secret fantasies, she's a slutty twink with a porn star husband and a champagne spoodle named Kevin. 

(Perhaps, I'm the sole keeper of the secret reason behind that doggie name.)

This is my gift to her because she's a fabulous friend.  

Brighton, East Sussex, England

The cheerful pastel colors of the row of town houses welcomed him. He opened their door; his key chain only had three keys, he never drove. The business in Amsterdam had gone well, and now if everything went as programed, they would be living in America by the end of the year.

The house was deserted. DD had come back from Los Angeles the day before, and had surely taken Kevin to play at the park. A yellow envelope, the size of a magazine, waited for him with his name written in silly kindergarten, script. Not DD’s handwriting.


The strange envelope partied with the assorted mail accumulated during their separate business trips. It was marked as delivered the previous day by an expensive courier company. Somebody wanted this information to reach him quickly. It didn’t say where it had come from, though.

Luke tore the envelope apart, something creepy emanated from the strange parcel. Inside, another envelope and a folded page, like one ripped from a copybook. It only had eight words on it with the same unnerving child-like calligraphy.

For you Luke. Tristan York and the senator.

Tristan York was the most sought-after Twink porn star of the decade. He had won Best Bottom for five consecutive years, at four international ceremonies, on three different continents; nearly a hundred and fifty porn titles under his belt.

Or should Luke say between his cheeks?

Fan loved, director acclaimed and co-stars exalted, foxy Tristan York happened to love his trade; he also happened to be Luke’s husband, Dylan Daniel Keane.

Neatly folded again, the note went into his pocket. Luke debated whether to open the damned intrigue or not. Ok, he was also a porn star, and they fucked people for a living, but they only fucked others on set, for the cameras. Away from the porn world, they were committed to a monogamous relationship. They never did private shows together or separate, no matter how much money was over (or under) the table.

Everyone wondered how, if your day job was cock and ass and balls, you could be in a monogamous relationship. It had the simplest, clear as water explanation; Luke and DD had only fucked once. No, their relationship was not frigid due to the extensive use of their body parts with others. After their first encounter (on set, when they met), every single other time it had been lovemaking. Big difference.

What they did that afternoon, long ago, surrounded by another ten men, had been magic from the beginning. The texture of DD’s pouty lips, his lightly tanned skin and those otherworldly violet eyes enraptured Luke like no other co-star before. Forget about cock-sucking, butt-clenching mad skills, it had been the way DD tasted; the way he’d looked into Luke’s eyes as Luke claimed that tight hole with desperation.

The chemistry so explosive, it had been palpable on screen, and that gave DD his first awards: best bottom, best couple, best new-cummer.

A luster later, Luke’s heart was so entwined with DD’s, his love would remain unshaken no matter what was inside this problematic envelope. His first instinct was to get rid of the piece of crap, unopened. He wished their fireplace alight, crackling happily to devour this nonsense. But he needed to open it, those things left in the dark were the ones that festered and poisoned a relationship; whatever this was, it would have an explanation.

Luke would be pissed off with the fucker who sent it, not with DD.

In the silent living room, the ripping of the nasty machination sounded like rending a sacred veil; nothing good ever came out of an anonymous note.

And there it was, DD in bed with the alleged senator. It would have been less of a stab if the man had been a creepy codger, but the guy was fairly muscled and distinguishedly handsome. A man, Luke would not mind doing a scene with.

A reason must exist, Luke. Don’t let that thing crawling in your chest seize you.

Now was one of those rare moments when he wished he had his own car. He needed to be out, surrounded by people, noise, smells --to be able to forget these pictures. Only one image showed DD riding the stranger: the painless one; Luke admired the way DD’s body moulded to other men. They were porn stars for fuck’s sake. The other seven scorched his eyes, scarred his brain.

Luke felt sick: DD sharing a cigarette and smiling; DD in bed with the dingbat, laughing at a joke; the prat carrying DD piggyback on a motherfucking yacht. How did DD have time to do all this with that pillock?

DD had gone to LA for a shoot. Luke drew his mobile from his Gucci fuck-me jeans, ready to call that numpty of a producer, who was surely behind this stinking bucked of horseshit. His contacts scrolled angrily, and then Luke stopped the rolling names, an inch from giving himself a hard slap. What the fuck was he doing?

He must wait for DD and find out why the pictures, why the laughter. He, Luke, should be the only one capable of making DD laugh and smile like that. 

Deep in his heart, he felt murderous.


The entrance opened with a bang, and Kevin barged in stretching and yawning, his shaggy hair more tousled than ever, he must have had a lot of fun at the park. His dark beady eyes found Luke and he rushed (skipping merrily), desperate for a hug. Luke crouched down to pet him, “Did you miss me, boy?” Kevin lapped at him affirmatively and whimpered a little. They rubbed noses. The champagne spoodle’s cold nose was a welcome balm for the darkness lurking not so far from Luke’s surface.

“Hey, baby. You didn’t call to say you were coming today.” DD smiled, playing with Kevin’s leash like a cowboy readying a lasso; platinum hair perfect, as if coming from a hairdresser and not from the not-wild outdoors. Violet eyes shone with undisguised happiness. A sleeveless T-shirt, stating in big bold red letters: I’m bloody fabulous, graced his slender torso.

“Everything worked out quicker than I thought it would.” Luke forced a smile, and DD sauntered toward him, leaving Kevin’s neon pink leash (with bitty little black bones) forgotten over the counter and encircling his arms around Luke’s neck.

“So many days without tasting you,” DD purred, dotting pecks all over Luke’s face.

Luke didn’t know what to do with his hands. Finally, he settled both on taut hips. “I missed you so much.” He returned the kisses tentatively.

“Is something wrong?” DD studied him at arm’s length. “You must be really tired, I hate Schiphol. I don’t know why Amsterdam has to have the stupidest airport in the world.”

“It’s no worse than Barajas.”

Yes keep talking about airports, they are always nightmares and will keep your mind away from deception.

DD snickered, grinding their groins. “Madrid is fun.”

As much as Luke’s husband had a thing for blonds, tall with fair skin and even fairer eyes (in other words Luke’s clones) there were moments when tall, dark and gypsy-like was a welcome kink. But then again, DD appreciated male beauty in all its forms, which brought us back full circle to that dolt of a senator.

I’m completely sure he’s from one of those backward, bible-thumping, homophobic states.

Those were the worst bigots and the biggest closeted queens.

How in the seven studios did that pillock get a hold of DD? Luke shouldn’t let his mind wander to such rotten places. He had DD in his arms; everything was going to be OK. Pushing Jealousy and Betrayal into a far corner, Luke let Lust steer his burning body, he practically tore off DD’s shirt in his haste to get rid of it.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” DD murmured, as they became all teeth and hands, clothes flying in every direction.

Luke turned DD and pushed him against the counter with a little more force than needed and yet the whimper escaping DD was more one of encouragement than actual distress. He raked his fingers along the tanned, perfect skin of the magnificent angular back, and DD purred, arching his column and canting his ass towards Luke’s flag-bearing cock.

The leash became a fastening as Luke pulled DD’s arms back and secured them with the pink accessory. DD blurted out, “Shit, where’s a sodding collar when you need one?”

“I’ll get you one soon enough if you’re a good boy.” Luke groaned into his husband’s ear.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh baby, need you, need you.”

When DD started to be repetitive, it was because his brain was losing oxygen due to all the blood rushing southward. Luke stroked the elegant piece of manhood, still leaning most of his weight over his beloved’s arched back. He kissed the base of DD’s neck, then each slightly noticeable vertebra in a slow procession towards his main goal.

He did a short stop, as quick as a detour could be, digressing to suck all flexing fingers of both restrained hands. Afterwards, he laved rounded mounds with long brushes of his tongue. A chorus of moans, grunts and groans rewarded him, and a dark hand squeezed his heart while his cock neared the point of no return.

Only one solution here, let himself drown in the body of the man he loved, override his brain, allow his heart to rule, and yet, the images of DD laughing with the senator circled him like a thousand vultures.

No, it was flesh and taste and smell that he needed to numb his mind. Luke buried his face into the pungent crevice. The piquant aroma of a long walk at the park assaulted him, and he greeted it with abandon, letting his tongue become a hard-on and taking his pleasure with more than taste buds and flaring nostrils.

The puckered hole suffered his teeth, and DD writhed, pushing back and grunting, “Fuck, more.” Luke pulled DD’s cock back between lean, smooth legs; shaved balls became a fluid pillow, cushioning Luke’s chin as he stroked, milked, commanded.


The little angel over his right shoulder (sporting a golden cock-ring) said, “Trust him.” The little devil on the other shoulder (sticking a trident up his tiny ass) said, “He cheated.” Could this situation be more cartoonish?

He had his face ensconced between the most glorious glutes in the universe, and he was letting figments of his imagination dictate his actions.

Reluctantly, Luke stood from his knees to his full height and used forefinger and thumb to spread those delectable cheeks, working the glistening tight hole with his other hand. DD welcomed one, two, three fingers (pushing backwards) and grunted, “Fuck, Luke. You’re killing me; are you gonna ram that cock in my fucking hole or not?”

But Luke was unhinged by the otherworldly sight in front of him.

Sweet Mercy, goose bumps explode throughout these creamy cheeks as my fingers stroke his prostate; tawny like freshly baked buns.

Not just the supple body drove him crazy; everything in his husband was designed to take him beyond human boundaries: his voice, his eyes, the way he moved, the way DD lay in Luke’s arms after they made love.

“Come for me, baby.” Luke growled, biting an adorable earlobe and plucking DD’s insides with the same skill used to serenade him with the guitar abandoned in their bedroom.

“Oh bloody Schiphol banging Barajas!” DD shuddered, spraying the base of the counter, the floor and everything within a mile radius as if he hadn’t come in ages. 

Such mess could not wait for the little lady.

I am a mess.

Luke untied DD and turned him around. He kissed his lover swiftly on the lips and knelt, using his mouth to clean the spent cock with guilty devotion.

DD stroked Luke’s hair, his violet eyes luminous, “What got into you?” He chuckled as Luke gave one last swipe with his tongue. “That was awesome.”

“No. It was wrong.”

“What’s going on?” DD pulled Luke’s chin up.

Still with DD’s hand holding his chin, he moved his face towards the counter, “Yellow envelope.” Luke was surprised DD hadn’t noticed it while leaning over the counter; he’d most likely had his eyes shut tight and his mouth in a permanent O.

Arching an eyebrow, DD released Luke’s chin, took the package from Hell and (opening it) snorted, browsing the pictures. He scrunched his face, which made Luke feel lower than shit inadvertently borrowed from the doggie park. “This is nothing.”

The pictures landed higgledy-piggledy on the pile of assorted mail. DD leaned in to cup Luke’s face with both hands and stopped abruptly, surely seeing the remorse (like ruined mascara) all over his lover’s exterior.

“You laughed with him. No one should make you laugh like that but me.”

“So your problem is not that I fucked someone outside the set, but us laughing together?”

Luke nodded (still on his knees) shrinking not just physically but mentally.

Kneeling, DD settled both hands on Luke’s shoulders, giving him a pointed scowl. Naked and sweaty, DD looked so beautiful, his entire demeanor made Luke shiver. He grunted, “There. Is. An. Explanation. Do you want to hear it?” His platinum hair gave him the halo of a terrible angel.

“I don’t know.”

“After five years, you should have a little more faith in me.” DD shook Luke, “Fuck, gimme some bloody credit at least.”

Already covered in his own shit, Luke might as well let his husband explain. “Okay, let me have it.”

DD growled a little and narrowed his eyes, but started talking. “It was a plot to blackmail that sucker. That closeted queen is the one making the biggest campaign against same-sex marriage. So a bunch of radicals contacted me while in L.A. because his closest confidant heard him saying how much he wanted to fuck me.” He shook his head as if tired of many unnamed things. “We became British and were able to get married, baby; it seemed only fair to give Americans the same chance.”

“They’re going to expose him.” It was for a good cause, right?

“I said blackmail. The idea was to force him to turn his agenda one-eighty. Sadly, when everything was ready to strike, the idiot goes and lets himself get caught with a minor at a highway rest stop.”

“A boy?”

His husband spat out, “Nope, a twelve-year old girl. Bloody psycho.”

“Well, that’s good; he’s exposed as a pervert.”

“Yeah, he’s discredited all right, but that doesn’t help the fight for equality there. If the radicals used the pictures now, those vicious bitches of Congress would find a way to turn them around and make all homosexuals look like pedophiles.”



“So now you understand why my next award should be an Oscar.”

Luke nodded, contrite. He stroked DD’s cheek, both sat on their haunches, still facing each other on the living room floor next to the defiled counter. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Part of me wants to feel great because you love me enough to be jealous, but another part is seriously disgusted by your lack of trust.”

“How can I beg your forgiveness?”

But DD had that face like whenever he was thinking really hard: eyes unfocused and brow furrowed. “I have to make some calls. This bloody parcel is a fucking intrigue, and it has to be an inside job. Very few people knew about this plot; let alone had access to the pictures. Whoever did this was trying to break us apart.”

True, the perpetrator didn’t use DD’s real name. “Happiness always has enemies.” Luke murmured sadly.

“And you were gonna let whoever the fuck this son of a bitch is do it.”

“Did I say sorry?” Luke grinned, sheepish.

“Oh your ass is so paying for your distrust.”

“Gladly,” Luke was sure his eyes twinkled.

“Don’t start doing a happy dance, you’re not gonna get out of this easily.” DD got to his feet, picked Kevin up from the sofa he was dozing on and headed toward their bedroom.

“What are you doing?” Luke moved to stand up.

“I don’t want Kevin licking my mess, and you, mister, stay right on your knees where you are.”

Uh-oh, Luke knew that tone. DD was royally pissed off, and an angry husband was dangerous (and extremely hot). “Yes, sir,” his attempt to avoid sounding delighted by the incoming punishment was unsuccessful.

“I heard that.” DD thundered from the bedroom, implying he had recognized Luke’s enthusiasm. “You are in so much trouble, and it’s getting worse by the minute.”

DD came back with an armful of objects and gloriously hard like a train. He let things fall on the carpeted floor; the soft thud marking each landing and Luke’s ragged breathing the only sounds around them: a spiked collar, a paddle, a butt plug, a whip, a bottle of lube, a box of condoms and a pair of handcuffs.

His twink had a dark side, and that sexy as Hell darkness had come to play.

“I’m going to fuck you to within an inch of your life for not trusting me.” DD admonished, his face severe, twenty years older than his actual twenty-five years lived.

“I deserve it. I accept it. Thank you.” Luke looked into his husband’s violet eyes, and a faint smile briefly interrupted the severity of those handsome features.

“Don’t thank me yet, Luke. I haven’t started.” DD narrowed his eyes, “Whip.”

With trembling hands, anticipation thrumming throughout his body, Luke offered the whip as one would an oblation to a thundering god. Hair covered his eyes as Luke looked at DD’s stupidly pretty toes.

The whip left his open palms, and DD growled, “Cock in your mouth now.”

As the massive schlong inched its way in, Luke closed his eyes, savoring the texture, drowning in width. His lips grazed the thatch of platinum pubic curls. DD’s cock head pushed his uvula and the sting of the first lash kissed his ass.

This is going to be so much fun.

PS. the cover boy is mine, thanks to Drawplus  ^_^