Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Greetings from Aurora

With only few days until Jordan's Bday (remember November 25th), I just wanted to share this little postcard with y'all.  Each of the five Circular Parks has two fountains where the dots in the Chinese symbol Tai Chi (better known as Yin/Yang) are placed.

Since Aurora is a melting pot of races and was created to be a  beacon of enlightenment these parks, which look like the famous black and white symbol in aerial  view, have a mythological creature as centerpiece of each fountain (except for one in Circular Park One, but you need to read the book to learn about that).

This postcard was created after a Middle School contest and depicts the famous winged horse and seven of the ten buildings of the Fanning Complex a.k.a. Tarot Towers. I guess the kid could have squeezed another three buildings there ---but hey, Lucky Seven, voodoo priests and tarot readers sounds like a mighty combination to me.

Best wishes from Novel California.

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