Sunday, September 23, 2012


The man with purple highlights and gray eyes waited for me at Dragon’s Lair, the same place where his love story with River Jordan began.

MRBG: IMMATERIAL would be available this October; tell us a little about your character.

EMLX: I can’t tell you much. The point is for people to read the book, don’t you think? I can only say, I will discover things about me, not even my parents could’ve guessed.

MRBG: Jordan did his own stunts. What about you?

EMLX: Hmm, you see; I didn’t have many action scenes. Although, my favorite one is when Red Patch had me at 6,000 feet above the city.

MRBG: That must have scared the beejeezuz out of you.

EMLX: To be honest with you, the whirring of the chopper filming the scene was a lot more disturbing.

MRBG: Ok. I’m going to say the name of a character, and you would say the first idea that comes to your mind. Ready?

EMLX: Sure.

MRBG: Mina Sanela.

EMLX: Kick-ass goddess.

MRBG: Mark86

EMLX: Southern Hottie.

MRBG: Jacinto03.

EMLX: Outrageous Jumping Bean.

MRBG: Red Patch.

EMLX: Prime Bedlam Material

MRBG: Balder Lux.

EMLX: Pass.

MRBG: Seriously?

EMLX: Yes, he draws a blank from my mind. (Emmanuel shrugs with a twisted mouth.)

MRBG: Ok. Lucian Lux, then.

EMLX: Incongruous Dad.

MRBG: Jean48.

EMLX: Crazylicious BFF

MRBG: Ha ha ha ha, crazylicious?

EMLX: Well, you know how fancy Jean48 is, so… (He almost rolls his eyes.)

MRBG: Jordan is an unrepentant cock lover. How would you describe yourself?

EMLX: To equate Jordan’s description, I am a hardened assman.

MRBG: You always wear white; tell us about that.

EMLX: It’s not a fashion statement; trust me.

MRBG: What’s your favorite part of Jordan’s body?

EMLX: Since I’m an assman, you’d think is that hot rump of his, but, actually, I have two major favorites: his amazing green eyes and those acres of hairy chest.

MRBG: Are you into watersports?

EMLX: Like kayaking?

MRBG: No. Bodily functions.

EMLX: Oh, sacred ashes of Madonna (his face goes red). I think everyone has the right to play with whatever they see fit, so… I have no comment on that.

MRBG: What’s your favorite position?

EMLX: Missionary.

MRBG: Isn’t that kind of vanilla?

EMLX: Just because I have a wall-to-wall mirror in my bedroom, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking into my man’s emerald lakes when we make love.

MRBG: Can’t argue with that. What’s your position on orgies?

EMLX: That would be Ringmaster, thank you very much. (Emmanuel snickers, drumming with his fingers on the bar.) Actually, two years prior to meet Jordan I had a pretty tamed sex life, and I used the word tamed because before that, I was a party animal. I guess I got tired of the scene. You see, all STD’s were completely eradicated in 2072 (two years after Emmanuel was born), and therefore by the time I was sixteen, wild was the common sexual denominator.

MRBG: I see you don’t have any tattoos, neither does Jordan. People of your time do not decorate their bodies?

EMLX: I never had a conversation with Jordan regarding that. In my case, nothing has compelling me to have one. Perhaps, now would be a good time to get one.

MRBG: And what would it be?

EMLX: Most likely, some cartoon character flipping the bird.

MRBG: I’m not even going to ask why.

EMLX: You’d better not.

MRBG: You guys did some very interesting sexual maneuvers in the book. Where did you find the H circuit?

EMLX: I do a lot of research for my own books (Emmanuel is a writer and editor-in-chief of the biggest newspaper of Novel California), and that surfaced while I did a story about ancient deformities.

MRBG: What do you think the readers would make of that particular encounter?

EMLX: It’s not an easy feat, but if you can accomplish it, the experience is out-of-this-world.

MRBG: Like Mars far?

EMLX: I think more in the vicinity of Alpha Centaury.

MRBG: What was your first impression of Jordan?

EMLX: Jordan is big like a boulder, and I seriously wanted to be  crushed by that stupid amount of manliness. You know, like when you’re seeing the wall but the graffiti on it is so disturbingly beautiful you don’t care if you crash into it.

MRBG: That’s a very odd metaphor.

EMLX: Just something you find irresistible, and you know it’s going to hurt, but you still go there and do it anyway.

MRBG: What’s the main difference between the society in general during the period of the book and nowadays?

EMLX: After the 2040’s people started to accept other’s right to be whatever they wanted, however they wanted it. That the less they were involved in other’s affairs, the more they could delve into their own and have a richer life. In addition, the moral compass began being determined by the individual and not by religious or political groups.

MRBG: So technically, it’s a better place.

EMLX: We are humans, and by nature, full of crap. You can call it better from the perspective that in my time, people take full responsibility for their caca and don’t try to blame others for their screw-ups.

MRBG: We never learned the name of the boy-waiter. Why is that?

EMLX: He has a very active sex life and doesn’t want his name out there. In the underworld, he goes by the alias of Cheeky Sweetbuns.

MRBG: That says a lot about him.

EMLX: It does.

MRBG: Time for drinks then?

EMLX: I’d like an icy Moongoddess Dark, please.

MRBG: Right away.

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