Sunday, April 14, 2013


Sweet Mistress Macky at Complaint Department Group on GoodReads is making an awesome airplane satire and yours truly is about to become part of the ongoing series. This engorged my over-excessive
imagination to create the Autobiography of  my character and here are three possible covers for the smashing best seller.

Since you can choose your favorite moment for your Autobiography's cover, I went circa 2008 before I moved to Nashville. I'm just basically the same, perhaps a little huskier.

And here is an snippet of the first chapter.

You know you're a total slut when for your 25th birthday instead of a surprise party your friends throw you a surprise gangbang. Nevertheless in my insatiable hunt for new experiences I asked if there was a guy for each year. Sadly, that wasn't the case, they've just hired 10 guys. Lucky for me, two were well-know porn stars and in that faithful (or should I say sinful?) night my life (and my body) changed forever.