Sunday, June 12, 2011


Joxan kept his promise, and he was on his back. Well, just his upper back, because the rest of him was held fast by Joxan in a very Cirque Du Soleil maneuver while his ass was being happily devoured. Joxan acted as he could not get enough of that puckered rosebud, and he was on the verge of change his mind and beg to be fucked to oblivion. He knew Joxan had learned him extremely well, and could notice his reactions and even his change of ideas when in bed. And it didn’t have anything to do with their silent connection.
“I’m gonna ride that whore’son now” Joxan blurted into his mind.
His neck had started to feel funny. Joxan timing was exceptional. “Yeah, baby. Be my vampire cowboy, hee-haw.”
Joxan settled him down and straddled him, picking up condom and lubricant. Joxan began to work, with his chest parallel to his. It always amazed him how Joxan could work everything back there, and at the same time ravish his mouth in the process.
“You like your taste on my lips?” Joxan urged their mouths together.
This connection was the coolest thing in the world. They could yell, cry, and say the nastiest things without a sound since they were in the balcony. Under other circumstances, an earthquake would have been less noisy.  Latex rolled down his cock, he felt the soft caress of gel and the expert hand of Joxan. Joxan had the most particular stroking technique, it was more a sideways motion than up and down, like a socket driver. It was fantastic.
Then, in a single definitive motion, Joxan impaled himself slowly but resolutely.
The body straddling him was the most beautiful image. Joxan threw his head backward, and his Adam’s apple shimmered as the tip of a wonderful erection under the moonlight. The veins in his arms expanded, his biceps bulged as Joxan clutched to his waist, rocking his own hips. Those short, manly nails felt like Heaven on the skin, ten daggers poking him, just to the appropriate side of pain. Internal muscles gripped his cock in the same manner as hands had done previously. This was too much; he was getting close seriously quickly.
He thought. “Kiss me, Joxan. I need your mouth.”
Joxan leaned without losing the undulation of his body, the gyration of his hips, the abrasion of passage against intruder. “I cannot wait to do this under the stars of Madrid, baby.”
He moaned audibly. “Just another month, baby, and there will be no distractions, no interruptions. What I’m gonna do with Max?”
“We’ll deal with that in one minute. Perhaps, in ten.” Joxan giggled in their minds.
“I’m not sure even about two, baby.” He howled like a beaten wolf on Joxan’s ear, not loud, just for Joxan. “I’m too much in character here.” His laughter rolled in their brains.
“Hmm, and I’m not doing my part,” and the grip dissolved. Joxan dismounted and rearranged himself to a sixty-nine position, shoving his cock into Victor’s mouth. “I want us to come together. I want to taste you, baby. Together... please.”
Latex flew -- seriously --, as Joxan threw it over the rail inadvertently. That was a sketch out of a dark comedy, a flying condom. He was glad his eyes were open in that second, because his mouth was certainly busy with that handsome piece assaulting his uvula. The honeyed warm of Joxan’s mouth engulfed his ready-to-burst cock, and everything else became secondary.
“Together, baby, together.” Joxan soft touch felt like a prayer.
He didn’t know if it were the lips massaging his cock, or the cock massaging his lips. Nonetheless, he exploded. Right behind him, Joxan flooded his throat. Both convulsed and grunted simultaneously.
An exhausted man rested over him, nuzzling the curly hair of his crotch. Joxan’s own cock lay spent on his collarbone.
“Baby, as much as I love to be like this, I need to check something.” He sent.
“What? What is it?” Joxan sounded drowned in ecstasy and utterly disoriented.
They dragged themselves into the apartment, both stepping into jeans -- commando --, and he put a wife-beater on and exited the apartment barefoot. “I’ll show you in a minute.”
He ran down the four floors to the parking lot, and looked around for several minutes, trying to figure out the trajectory of the slender deflated balloon. Joxan kept bombarding him with questions, and he did not answer purposely.
“Come to the balcony and look down.” He did his best to suppress the amusement in his telepathic tone.
Joxan came to view gloriously bare-chested. The full moon lighted his creamy skin, the broad shoulders, and the dreamy nipples. The white hair on his temples shone like a heavenly dove. The shock and confusion on his face was both comical and otherworldly.
He smiled and sent through their connection. “This...”
The condom was deadly leaking over the hood of Joxan’s Audi.

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