Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have a friend in Facebook, who used to be an adult film star (this wouldn't be important if it were not for the fact that the man is dreamy and was the inspiration for one of my characters), and browsing through his pictures of GayPride in Toronto I found this couple, Yehonathan and Lyrik.

Both dreamboats are Israeli, and I cannot get enough of them. Yehonathan is a singer, and Lyrik is a DJ and sometimes sings along with his partner. Since I'm a dancer, Lyrik's style of DJing is extremely appealing to me, and, of course, the dance versions of his boyfriend's songs are to die for.

Although I don't understand a single word of Hebrew, for an unexplained reason, I love those songs where I cannot grasp a word the most. Those who know me are well aware that I'm a big fan of Bollywood; thus the issue of the language barrier is not a big deal in my case.

There is something so soothing in Yehonathan voice that is not hard to imagine him singing in Lyrik's ear before bed, if the DJ had a hard time at work, heh-heh. Specially the song Across the Universe.

As artists we might find inspiration in everything surrounding us. Music is a big part of my method, and these two are really inspiring me right now. I watch their videos and cannot stop outlining stories for future novels. I'm reviewing NASHVILLE DREAMS, at about chapter four of my new intergalactic story (not going to put the name here, because I have an idea for it, but it's not the final one; then why spoil it?), and working on the outlining of BODYGUARDS.

What has me all charged up about Yehonathan and Lyrik is that one of the main characters of BODYGUARDS is a former Mossad agent;  therefore, I'm immersed in everything that is Jewish Culture fearlessly, and --again, thanks to Facebook, my friend Oren is giving me a Hell of a lot of good pointers.

Yehonathan & Lyrik are such a hot couple, and their interaction in their videos is something that you have to be an obscenely good actor to fake. And it's not even the sexual aspect of their motions but how comfortable they are around each other. Maybe, some day, I'll write a story truly based on them, something of epic proportions and with Tel Aviv as playground. You would not be able to blame me after you hear Waiting for You.

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