Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My hubby loves Fried Green Tomatoes, and I frankly hated it and couldn’t go further than the first 30 minutes. Luckily for me, my taste in movies doesn’t affect his love for me.

One of the biggest groups of man to man erotic romance on Goodreads is in the middle of their summer event, I have mentioned it here before: Love is Always Write. And Love is always right indeed, but it does not imply that we love everything that is written.

Just for kicks, I went through a hundred stories of the listing and found an esoteric 38 % of stories with at least one lone star (some had more). I’m glad I was having a glass(es) of sangria and not shots of tequila for every lonely twinkle in my experiment.

I didn’t feel morbid enough to check if the same members had given all these single shiners. That would just be too creepy, and I was in cemetery scavenger territory already, lurking in the shadows of variables. One story though, suspiciously didn’t want to show any rating details (there was some crazy juju at work in that one). 

By the way, the guy on the cover of Half Baked Promises is a total hottie…

38 might not sound like a strong number to you, but taking into consideration that these are free stories and each author/member took his/her time to work on this project, seems a little unfair. Anywho, as much as my sangria inflamed heart wants to feel wronged, I just remember the wise words of my husband, “If you were rating Fried Green Tomatoes, how many stars would you give it?”

And that, my lovely friends, is his very subtle way of telling me to shut the fuck up and stop whining and stand by my work. I loved it when I wrote it, and (we have been down this road before) not everyone is going to love it, no matter how much sweat, spunk or beauty I have thrown into it.

Yeah, we all have the right to give (and receive) one stars because that is the essence of life; what keeps this crazy marble rotating: the simply and beautifully sublime fact that we all don’t have the same taste in everything.

The little lady would say “bollocks to that!” But, in this one, I have to disagree with her.

PS. The cowboy is just eye candy.


  1. As somebody who has given one star reviews (and received one) I agree with you. Everybody is entitled to their opinion -- isn't that the point of offering a review?
    What puzzles me with some of the reviewers for the free stories is that they will thoroughly trash a story and then give it two or even three stars, and then mildly bash another and give it one star. Which doesn't really make sense to me.

  2. It beats me too, JJ. The human brain is a frustrating mystery, and we all have one of those, so go figure. Hugs.