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Every summer since 2010,  the Goodreads Group M/M Romance host an event denominated Don't Read in the Closet where members of the group write stories based on requests from members of the group ( I know it sounds repetitive but that way you don't get confused). It doesn't matter if you are a published author or just a member who wishes to dip your toes in the sexy waters of man on man romance. All are welcome and appreciated; it's for the fun after all.

These events celebrate all things M/M in all genres from Contemporary to Fantasy and SciFi, not forgetting all kinks from Vanilla to BDSM, and also including stories that are just sweet with no sex whatsoever (yeah, romance doesn't equate to sex, so there you have it). This year's edition is entitled Love's Landscapes.

Yours truly contributed with 3 stories, and this post is not just to let you know what they are about but to give you easy access to them through some very handy links.

(SciFi -o- Steampunk-ish)
A seriously long title but it summarizes the story in eight words. 
Here is the blurb.

The seven city-states of Aletta are facing their first encounter with an off-planet force. It’s up to Max Maitheas, governor of the city-state of Anatolia (closest city to the alien landing) to embark on a diplomat journey to find out the intentions of the interlopers. 

Captain Rezzu Ki Muselet leads the first Colviri-Human mission since Nova Gaia, a human planet, became part of the Colviri system. A recognizance mission to a remote planet where they hope to discover signs of life.

What Rezzu wasn’t prepared to discover was a thriving civilization and to become mesmerized by the eyes of the head diplomat in charge of receiving them. Green and wonderful like the sky of his home planet.

Both Max and Rezzu have secrets, and in their ability to surpass their deceptions, they might also find love.

You can dowload it here:

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Rezzu Ki Muselet is the son of the characters of HOW I LOST IT ON PLANET X from 2012 Don't Read in the Closet event Love is Always Write 

You can read about his parents here:

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(Time Travel -o- Near Future -o- Enemies to Lovers)

The member who requested this story didn't want a happy ending, so you have read the story to understand why and well, if I need to write more about these two later...

Here is the blurb:

In 2089, a man returns to his old team, annoying the hell out of his former partner. Time-traveling is not an easy business, especially if you cannot trust the man beside you. Now they have to work together again, awakening feelings that should have died with their separation but were just resting in a very uncomfortable coma. 

The fight against temptation, missions gone wrong, faceless enemies, and irritating teammates all conspire to make their lives a perfect postcard from Hades.

With their future at stake (talk about time-traveling mayhem), they only have one option. And that option is a cenotaph.

You can download the book here:

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(Alternate Universe -o- Road Trip)

In this one, the requester didn't want too much sex, so there is just one sex scene at the very end, but I hope it's hot enough for all of you fans of smut. *wink*

Here is the blurb:

Dissenting with his destiny as a Vampire Courtesan, Kutra “K” Lapin resolves to flee Los Angeles in 2125. His ticket to Meridian, the only human controlled city in an otherwise suprabeing-ruled US, is a transporter known as Tiger, who —by the way— has decided to keep calling K “Bunny.”

Three thousand miles of free-for-all superhighway separates Los Angeles from Meridian. In this journey, the courtesan and the transporter will face clingy former clients; bar brawls; Werewolf, Fae and Warlock outlaws; invisible, firebombing hovercrafts; discover unknown powers, and survive spells and enchantments, all to reach K’s freedom.

And perhaps, in the meantime, find a love that is beyond appearances.

You can download it here:

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There you have it. Three completely different stories celebrating manly love and those who love to read about it. I created all three covers, hope you like them. Cheers.

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