Sunday, July 12, 2015


I've mentioned before that I don't agree with the emotional need of some people to be married in a Church. What I feel for the person I love only needs the approval of my heart because whatever that is beyond human understanding, that Supreme Being all wish to please one way or another, doesn't care who I love as long as that love is true in my heart.

 Those who say that God created a man and a woman forget that "God" created human beings not just sexual beings. Sexuality was created for reproduction; Love was created for Companionship— two different sides of the same cosmic coin. If I ever decide to marry, it will be with the blessing of my HEART and that of the HEART of the man I'd marry, I don't need any other blessing. I'd enjoy the support of others but it is not what would complete me or make the situation greater than it would already be in my HEART.

 As I said I don't agree but I have enough common sense to respect other's needs. That doesn't mean I need to follow their lead precisely because religion is a thing you don’t need shoved down your throat every day, every second. There's a moment for that in the intimacy of your (insert whatever word works for you... house heart, bedroom, etc), and not to use it in detriment of others.

Now, since this is a blog about hotness and not drama, keep reading and you'll get that something hot. 


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