Friday, December 9, 2016


When  you write about a fictional Country Band... You run with it.

The colors in Crossroads of Wanton Wishing logo have their meaning based on ancient heraldica. White: Truth/Peace; Green Hope/Loyalty in Love; Blue: Strength/Faith. 

Their new album MAD LOVE comes with 10 songs: "Watered Love Potion" "Three stars in a circle" "Nice (the other city)" "Mad Love" "Transmogrify" "Lunatics" "The Bedlam Swing" "The Institution of Restitution"  "In Darkness and Happiness" "No Sitting in this Love Dance"

*The blooming cacti are metaphors for love that blooms even in the harshest conditions.

*All songs will be added to the second edition of NASHVILLE DREAMS. 


Mad Love is a love letter to the world and fan mail to your heart.”
—DJ Variety, Beating the Beats Magazine.

“Country meets Pop harder than Taylor and with a lot less emotional baggage.”
—CK Harris, Rebels on Fire Podcast.

“The kind of music you want on your playlist if you get stranded on a deserted island.”
—Willy Minions, The Lyrics Columnist.

“Banjoes, Violins, and the occasional Accordion meet subtle Electronica with a touch of Byzantine melancholy. A new force to reckon with.”
—Lulú Bise, Le Figaroux (English site).

“Heißer als die Hölle und süßer als Honig.”
—Hans Handlich, Deutsche Sängerzeitschrift.

“Caña y más caña. Fusionando el Country con otros sabores muy sutiles.”
—Pepe Toledo, Lo Nuevo.

“Demütig und kraftvoll, voller köstlicher Widersprüche.”
—Petr Von Zustand, Die Luxemburger Melodie.

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