Sunday, March 5, 2017


What do you get when you put together fifteen guys from different universes and genres?

Lots of fun!

Spring is approaching fast, and, although there is no definitive date for BRIDEGROOM FROM HEAVEN’s relaunch— the hour is near.

I put together this little image because that’s how the guys are in my head, all together and having fun until I call them to work on their respective stories. Sometimes I don’t know what the other twelve are doing while I work with three, and I honestly hope there is no hanky-panky amongst them ‘cause they are supposed to behave.

Now, the thing is, to me they are actors playing a role, and, perhaps, when they are out of “character” they mingle deeply with the other guys. Maybe a lot of butt pinching and squeezing is happening in that picture, and we are unaware of all the mischievous fingers and hands doing only Universe knows back there.

I’m going to leave you marinating that idea until the first story (or another random blog post) comes out.

And just to add a couple of naughty ingredients to that marinade, which characters of different stories do you thing are more likely to hook up?


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