Thursday, March 31, 2011


When Nobel Prize Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote his famous novel "Del Amor y Otros Demonios" he was not talking about gay love, but he exposed how dangerous ignorance can be against those who love.

Ignorance begets fear, and fear fathers hate (I'm not trying to sound like Yoda, but the little green man has a point). We kill what we don't understand -- most of the times. And believe me, there are many ways to murder a human without use a single digit. The sad part is that most of us are able to kill, but how many of us are able to give life? Or better yet, save a life.

It's a pity that what is most broadcasted about the gay community, it's Pride parades and Gay Porn. It's not our fault that we have the time (or figure out a way to have time) to take care of ourselves. And if we're going down the road of Porn, there is a lot of no-gay porn disgustingly graphical. So let's not go there.

What we need to allow the no-gay community to know about us, it's how loving and compassionate we can be toward others. Not just the sick and the needy, but the lost and the troubled.

It's time to show a face not attached to feather boas, muscles and speedos, but to responsibility and commitment.

If we equal Demons to evil forces, there is a lot of that within those who hate, just because they don't know, or simply don't want to know about the people around them labeled "different".

Love makes every single human being equal, and it is the only flag we need.

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