Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why I say no to my wedding.

Every human being dreams of finding true love. For a little girl, it might be Prince Charming. For a jock, it could be the hot cheerleader. For a geek, it could be Lara Croft. At the end, the gender is the less prominent thing. What is crucial, it's to find that significant other to complement us.

We had scared the no-gays for the simple reason that we're imitating their rules, when those rules cannot be applied to us gays. Even in a no-gay wedding, the spouses have to sign legal documents (before or after, but is unavoidable). I understand the part of "my commitment be blessed by my community". But, do we seriously need that?

In this blog seldom, if not ever, you will see the word sex. Mainstream religion views sex as a forbidden and condemned act. Thus, everything that involves the word sex, as in same-sex is taboo and more likely to be shunned out.

When you use the expression, "same-sex marriage" there is definitively a nasty punch in many, many guts. First you're using the taboo word, and then you're giving a similarity to a situation that has anything but disparity. The union of two consenting adults should be a legal matter, not a religious one.

I'm just saying, I could wait to have a Big Fat Gay Wedding after the court legalized my rights toward my spouse and vice versa. It would be more valuable to me that if something happen to anyone of us, the other is secured.

So my insurance policy and my will are in the name of the person I'm sharing my life with.

The blessing? The blessing is there, I feel it in my heart, and no one could change that.

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