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Even though BRIDEGROOM FROM HEAVEN is the first threesome of 2017, the other day a fellow member of the MM Romance Group posted some pictures of very interesting intimate jewelry for men, and I knew I needed to give the boys of CLOCKWORK VENDETTA a sample of those naughty, naughty goods.

This tidbit might or might not end up in the actual book, but it is a seriously nice exercise about their dynamic.


Bosco took off his morning jacket and folded it, leaving the expensive garment on one of the high-backed chairs scattered about the drawing room. He let Heer and Duncan appreciate how shirt and waistcoat clung to his torso as he silently paced before them.

They tried to act casually while sipping their drinks, the blond with an elbow resting on the mantle and the dark-haired heir leaning on the back of the rococo sofa.

“I have something for you two,” Bosco pronounced after the silence had become so prolonged the other two had started to fidget. “But it is in my chambers.”

Heer and Duncan looked at each other. All three were men of age, and Bosco would choose one of them as his fiancé and husband after the contracts had been drawn; still, it was beyond propriety to have both in his bedroom at the same time.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Bosco gave each one a piercing look, “but we are lions and not some nelly gentlemen of the ton.” Then he added just to see the others squirm, “My house, my rules.”

The other two nodded. Their lack of conviction was plainly visible. Even if they were lion shifters, the rules of polite society had been instilled in them since birth; it wasn’t easy to deviate from what was ingrained within, especially when it had been done to keep the beast inside you in check.

Bosco knew this, but he wanted to mess with the other two a little. The prides’ heirs were taller and actually broader than him; nevertheless, he controlled the situation since he was forced to choose one of them. At the end, nothing said he could not have fun with both before he declared his choice. “Please follow me.” He moved away from them to retrieve and don his burgundy jacket. “Let it be noted that none of you offered me a drink,” he threw over his shoulder as he started to walk out of the lavishly decorated room. He didn’t look back or stop until he was facing the door to his sleeping quarters— seven flights of stairs later.


Cub thinks he’s in charge. I’ll show him who’s in charge.

Duncan stood beside Heer as Bosco turned on his heels and offered grandly, “Welcome to the entrance to my inner sanctum.” Composed and without a hair out of place (if one considered decent that chunk of white hair among his chestnut hair that always seemed to cover his right eye), he spread his arms to encompass the ample space. Several shades of blue marked the antechamber, from midnight to royal, enticing and masculine— just like the cub facing them.

Duncan decided he had been quiet for too long, and it was time for information. “What’s your plan, Bosco?”

The heir of the Spaniard clan gave him a quasi-paternal look. “All in due time, Duncan,” he winked, “impatience is not going to get you anywhere with me.”

“Is that a threat?” Duncan suppressed his urge to growl.

“I think it’s a clue, Duncan,” Heer said under his breath.

Bosco agreed with a silent nod, accompanied by an infuriating smirk. He moved toward an ornate chest of drawers and extracted two small boxes. He held one in each hand. “Your gifts.” He remained where he was.

“Are both the same?” Heer asked.

“No. I’m just going to let Fate decide who gets which.” Bosco winked at Heer.

Duncan seriously hated when Bosco openly flirted with Heer; it wasn’t fair.

Heer elbowed Duncan. “Get yours first.”

Duncan pulled his morning jacket down and straightened his shoulders. Ten steps, and he was in front of Bosco. His nostrils flared, Bosco’s aroma always disturbed him. The boxes were the size of Bosco’s palm; he didn’t have small hands, but Duncan shouldn’t think about that at the moment.

Those sky blue eyes felt heavy trained on Duncan. He didn’t mind the fact that the sensation was equal to Bosco meticulously divesting him of his clothes; it was the fact that Bosco was doing it fully aware of the presence of Heer in the room with them. Duncan snatched the left box. He tried to get the other one for Heer.

“Ah-ah,” Bosco shook his head slowly, “allow him to grab his own fate.”

“What fate? There’s one box left. That’s hardly a choice.” the growl escaped from Duncan this time.

“You know,” Bosco tilted his head now, “one thing is fiery and another prickly. I don’t like prickly.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Fed up was an understatement for Duncan’s state.

“Duncan,” Heer settled a hand on Duncan’s shoulder, “Bosco is not the enemy here.”

“Wise words, Heer.” Bosco offered the remaining box to him. “I want us all to be friends, and if not friends, at least friendly.” He focused those drilling eyes of his back on Duncan. “If you cannot play well with others, how to do expect to rule the prides?”

“So this is nothing but a game to you?” Duncan hissed as he pocketed the box in his dark green morning jacket.

“I seriously hope you’re able to twist other things as well as you do my words,” Bosco said, narrowing his eyes— his tone menacing and yet strangely inviting.

Heer gave Duncan a beseeching look. Duncan scowled but nodded. “I’ll play nice,” he muttered between his teeth.

“Excellent.” Bosco used the same deep, almost husky intonation. “Now, there are two doors,” he pointed left and right, “take your boxes and come back wearing nothing but your gifts. Let’s see who wears his better.”

“What?” Heer beat Duncan to the question. “What do you mean nothing but the gifts? What could be covered with whatever is in this tiny box?”

“You will find out as soon as you go to the rooms and open them.” The smirk returned to Bosco’s face.

Duncan wanted to strangle him. Bosco was playing them as if they were untrained cubs with baby fangs. Duncan was ready to end it all in a furious swat of steel claws.

“This is highly inappropriate,” Heer insisted— his agitation barely restrained.

“My house, my rules.” Bosco removed the chunk of white hair laid over his right eye. “You’re free to go if you don’t want to follow those rules.”

Uncharacteristically, Heer arched an eyebrow and (using a surprisingly condescending tone) said, “Oh, I know how to follow rules and play games, Bosco. I just hope you’re not a sore loser.” After a brisk nod, he about-faced and strode toward the left door.

Duncan also nodded briskly and followed suit. Heer’s reaction had left him speechless. He also thought he heard Bosco chuckle as he closed the right door behind him.


Bloody claws and dripping fangs. The fuck is this?

Heer had only seen dancers in gentlemen’s clubs wearing this kind of jewelry. If he wasn’t mistaken, the diminutive beads were made of tiger’s eye, and the delicate chain keeping all in place appeared to be gold. Was Bosco seriously expecting them to parade for him in nothing but this bunch of beads?!

Duncan would undoubtedly be roaring curses in several languages in the other room. And yet they didn’t have a choice if they wanted to keep the peace between the three prides of New Englalonde. Bosco needed to choose one of them, and, until that happened, they would endure all the games the current regent’s son could contrive.

The room wasn’t spacious, probably a valet’s quarter, but suspiciously on the monastic side. Heer sat on the narrow bed and started to discard his boots when he noticed the clockwork automaton standing beside the closed door. It wasn’t bareboned like most house automatons; this had a handsomely crafted face and seemed to have defined muscles under its simple clothes. Perhaps this was the valet, but why have a bed here then?

Leaving the bed, Heer approached the copper creation. He found the winding crown on the automaton’s neck. He turned it at least ten times, and the “valet” opened his eyes, searching for whoever had activated it.

“How may I assist you?” The voice was metallic but clear and surprisingly manly.

Heer had a human valet. In his residence, automatons were for other household duties. This might prove interesting, and temporarily distracting for whatever nonsense Bosco had in store for them. “I need to get undress,” he stated simply.

The automaton gave two steps and proceeded to help Heer out of his gray morning coat. And, so, one by one, Heer discarded the layers of propriety uniting him to the realm of common humans with the help of the mechanical valet. Once naked, he took the small box from the bed; the insulting contents mockingly glaring at him.

Heer studied the now still automaton for a moment, before asking, “Can you help me with this?” He dangled the string of beads, which for the unsuspecting eye might look like a rosary, but had a completely opposite purpose.

Well, “contemplation” will definitely be involved.

“I apologize, sir. I am not acquainted with that contraption.”

“Apology accepted.” Heer almost chuckled. This could be a good thing. The automaton’s lack of knowledge about this particular item might imply that Bosco hadn't given such gifts to other “guests.”

Heer’s long hair spilled over his shoulders as he bent, trying to figure out how to position the several connected strings to accomplish the desired outcome. Luckily for him, the “contraption” as the automaton had aptly called it wasn’t completely foreign to Heer. He knew a segment ought to be between his ass-cheeks, another around his hips, and, somehow, a group of beads would showcase the base of his cock almost like a bizarre bracelet emerging from under his balls sac.

Another seemingly unnecessary thing within the small room was a full-length mirror. Heer stood before it and admitted the unexpected gift was titillating. Certainly, nothing was left to the imagination, but the adornment purposely enhanced the family jewels.

His balls contracted, and his cock started to harden as Heer thought of Duncan wearing something similar.

Bosco knew his game. They were males, and arousal was second nature to them. That son of an astrolabe must be snickering while playing with his cock, waiting for them to come out in nothing but his “gifts.”


The automaton’s voice startled Heer. He had almost forgotten the clockwork valet was in the room. “Yes?”

“Do you need help with anything else?”

“No. Thank you.”

“Very well, sir. I’m at your command if you need me.”

Heer studied his reflection in the mirror. The semi-precious stones adorning his crotch were exquisite and impishly inappropriate. He debated between presenting himself at full mast since Bosco obviously wanted a show and putting his clothes back on to leave the manor, starting a senseless war in his wake.

Duty won, but the promise of a naked Duncan and even the more questionable tease of a naked Bosco weighed heavily on that outcome.

And the two beads poking my back door are obviously having their saying too.

The gifts were indeed different, but Bosco had put them in identical boxes. It would also be a surprise for him which heir got what. He wasn’t a selfish man; he was also wearing something for them.

For a moment, Bosco wondered about the reception the other two would give to his gift, then the right door opened. Duncan emerged in all his pale and muscularly delicious naked glory.

So, he got the malachite balls shocker.

And that wasn’t the only thing he wore. Bigger than a blimp, Duncan’s scowl could have intimidated any other lion, even alphas, but not Bosco. Not just because he had the upper hand here but because his power was greater than the power of the two heirs combined. Something Bosco usually kept to himself; lions were stupid and instinctually challenged anyone worthy of a brutal fight.

And speaking of worthy things, the shocker was doing its job. Duncan’s semi-hard cock looked big and tasty, and the oval malachite between shaft and balls looked splendid. Clenching secret muscles, Duncan made the object of Bosco’s attention bounce in place. Bosco’s eyes moved upward to Duncan’s face. The scowl remained, but the heir of the West Pride huffed, “Like what you see?”

Bosco grabbed his crotch and squeezed his own considerable manhood still hidden beneath his trousers. “What do you think?”

Before Duncan could retort, the left door opened. Heer and his cock came out tall and hard, the tiger’s eye beads gleaming in the afternoon sun pouring through the French windows. While Duncan’s body was pale with solar tresses, almost genial even with his usual brusque manner, Heer's in contrast,  was dark and enticing. Heer’s bronzed skin and raven waves were exotic, and (if Bosco allowed his imagination to fly) seriously close to sinister. Still, the heir of the East Pride sported a usually conciliatory demeanor— that until mere moments ago when exiting to change and he threw a challenge in Bosco’s face.

This promised to be exciting beyond Bosco’s expectations because he didn’t miss the flying sparks as Duncan and Heer exchanged glances.

Bosco undid his boots and went to his feet, starting to remove his garments. Neither men moved to help him, nor Bosco expected them to. They knew he would ask for help if he needed it, and he was messing with them enough already to make them act as valets too. They didn’t disguise their appreciation as each piece of clothing found the floor.

When his drawers were the only thing barely covering him or his full erection, Bosco crooked both index fingers, silently calling both men to him.

Duncan did his eye-narrowing-scowling combo but stepped forward first. As soon as he was within striking distance, Bosco grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a furious kiss. Duncan resisted for two heartbeats before responding with equal force. Amid their battle, Bosco sensed Heer and pulled him closer with is free hand, then encircling his waist and smashing their three bodies together.

Bosco moved from Duncan’s mouth to Heer’s and back again. He felt fingers on his hips, pulling his small clothes down, and as his cock bobbed free, both heirs got on their knees.

“I’ve never seen a cock-ring there before.” Surprise and wonder melted easily in Heer’s throaty voice.

“Ought to be very pleasing for the receiver…” There was also amazement in Duncan’s tone even if he'd tried to disguise it with a hit of sarcasm.

“It is also a gift for both of you if you want it,” Bosco offered, stroking their manes and slowing pushing them toward the gold ring encircling his cock-head instead of the base of his balls.

Neither men answered, just closed their eyes and nuzzled their newly discovered gold toy. They worked in splendid synchronicity, licking and kissing along the solid shaft, and, yet, they seemed to avoid actual contact between them.

Bosco had hinted his desire to fuck them, and they had remained silent. Perhaps, he had been too bold, expecting them to accept such intimacy in their first sexual encounter. One thing was the knowledge of his control, and another to abuse that power. Both heirs had kept their eyes closed, and Bosco grabbed their jaws to make them stop and look upward. He pulled them to their feet as soon as he had their attention. 

It was his turn to descend, and he did, bestowing kisses in both chests and abdomens, deeply inhaling fragrant bushes, licking and pumping granite shafts.

Surprisingly, Heer was more vocal and active than Duncan, groaning loudly and threading his fingers through Bosco’s hair. Nevertheless, Duncan’s hips showed his enthusiasm as Bosco kneaded hairy balls, adorned with the thin silver shocker crisscrossing them, and slowly rubbed the string of five beads (hanging from the shocker) over Duncan’s hole. Heer’s hole was not forgotten as Bosco used the beads between those hard ass-cheeks to apply pressure on the secret entrance.

It was time for Bosco to truly sample the goods, and he took Duncan first in his mouth. Thick and warm, cock-head and shaft filled him until the closed his throat around his prize and licked the oval malachite with the tip of his tongue, allowing some spit to run down hefty balls. His skill was rewarded with a panted, “take my fucking nine lives!”

The expression made Bosco open his eyes, which he had closed enraptured as he was in width and aroma. He didn’t look at Duncan but at Heer, and what he saw instigated his next action. He freed the massive manhood in his mouth and pulled Heer down.

Once they were side by side, Bosco guided Duncan's dripping cock-head toward Heer’s full lips. He saw the hesitation, the slight recoil, but he knew why, so his voice came out firm and certain, “Never fear what's already yours.”

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