Wednesday, January 18, 2017


According to legend, the idea for this story came to me in May of 2012. Lots of ideas for stories come to me every day, and I usually write them down for later exploration. I completely forgot about these guys until a few days ago; something nudged me like “dude, there’s another triad story waiting to be told. This is their year, you can’t leave them out!”

So, here we go!

A near future story, these guys live in the mythical city of Aurora, Novel California (same fictional universe of IMMATERIAL and CENOTAPH), and they meet in a competition similar to  THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER, the reality show.

In OCTAGON, the name of the competition is FULL COMBAT ANNIHILATION or FUC-OAN (exactly as it sounded in your head, baby) as it is known colloquially. Razen and Pietro are the team coaches, and Illi is part of Pietro’s team. Razen and Pietro share a past, and (as sworn enemies) it makes them want to beat each other, not just in the competition but very physically.

It’s up to Illi to resolve that conflict in a different kind of physical way…

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