Thursday, February 2, 2017


Here is the novel’s synopsis

Heer Pyfus, Bosco Rogers, and Duncan Bracco will undo all preconceptions about what it is to rule the industrial mafia as mob families try to keep the peace, uniting through wedding contracts but not by love. Bosco must choose between Heer and Duncan, but things are not always black and white. Secret alliances will emerge and dreams will shatter.

An unsuspected enemy from the other end of the world comes to make their lives more difficult, and they shall fight, not only to survive but to let the organized crime honchos know that love is greater than vengeance.


To participate complete the following phrase “A wounded lion is like…”

The best answer will become sidekick, counselor, or BFF to one of the three main characters of #CLOCKWORKVENDETTA, based on your physical attributes and personal preferences. It’s up to you how kickass or intellectual you will be, and you could even use your own or a made up name; the important thing here is— you will be immortalized in a book! Not many people can say a book character was created after them! *All genders welcome!

You have until next Thursday, February 9th. The winner will be revealed Sunday, February 12th.

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